2017 so hard to put down in words…

Another year done at TR, the doors have closed for the year, last night we took time out to have our well earned team Xmas dinner, and celebrate our achievements for the year. It’s been our first Xmas in the new space and this year it has been exciting to hit some huge milestones as a team. It’s Christmas Eve and I’m sitting here on this gorgeous day to write this post and reflect, so many emotions and so hard to put in words this year but I will try…

This year we enjoyed welcoming an amazing 492 people through the doors for TR Workshops; where we then had the pleasure of introducing and extending  knowledge to all on decorative painting with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. 2017 saw 93 pieces  beautifully hand painted, revived and detailed by us in the TR Studio for customers and clients, on top of this we led and completed a variety of projects, a restaurant fit out at the start of the year, a community project with the painting of Log Cabin as part of Annie Sloan’s worldwide campaign (project 25),  and of course moving and painting  a 300m2 space that we now call home @ 16C Bishop Dunn Place  whilst all the while also frantically working on a project close to our hearts,  The Artisan Collection   which is now coming into fruition and so close to landing in store.  Darrell’s health and recovery has been great, and this year we were given the all clear that we have won the war against cancer, and this was by far the most important and best achievement for us. It has been a year in overdrive.

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TR is certainly an evolving place, the changes and evolution of this creative business is fast paced and that requires a dynamic team to move quickly with it. We use to be the ones behind it pushing it to work however now it has evolved, and is more of a culmination or perhaps “collective” of all the loyal and passionate customers who have created the TR culture; it is in essence it’s own force. Of course a big part of the evolution and direction in any business should be led customers and clients  and it is our job to listen which we have always done and will continue to do; this creates the change. TR is not retail, nor is it a consultancy but sit’s loosely somewhere in between, it’s a place where people know your name, where people are passionate about colours, finishes and interior spaces and where remarkably but purposely over two thirds of our business comes from our repeat customers. Where we believe in individuality and that a concept should reflect the person and the family in the home and not be based with what’s on trend. So when you come in for advice its about you and your space, how to make your space special and what you want to create. Our gallery is place to explore colours and finishes and like an Art Gallery we hope that the pieces on display create an excitement, and demonstrate the endless possibilities drawing emotion and ultimately sparks an idea, thought or concept for you and your home.  TR is a place full of knowledge which is openly shared, I love the following quote as it really resonates with my own personal belief and the TR Team :”In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others.”-Deuteronomy Rabbah

Taken from our Canvas Talk Event night, a chance for our TR customers who have completed a TR Workshop to get together – A wonderful turnout with such great positive energy.

Creating the freedom of colours and finishes, is a saying we use over and over and that’s because when put simply; it’s what we do. Here in New Zealand we are so limited in what’s available. When you buy mass produced items you are buying a compromised design, and a colour and finish that is chosen to be a “safe bet” to sell, it’s a one size fits all.  The norm is black, white and grey, flat finishes spray painted manufactured finishes; we are contrarian as we go against the grain on this concept because we believe your home should have personality, it should be a reflection of you,  a collection of  colours and colourways to fit in with the things that you love that hold meaning to you and your family.   What if you had the freedom to have a sideboard  to compliment that subtle blue in your curtains, or what if you could have bright green dining chairs because you had the ability to draw that colour out and through your other living spaces to connect and give it purpose. What if  from that beautiful piece of art on the wall, we could help you draw out almost every single colour to create the most harmonious space. What if that gorgeous print you got from the markets while on your family holiday could fit perfectly into  your home; proudly standing over a gorgeous set of drawers designed to compliment and enhance the print and your space. These are all the possibilities at TR when there are no barriers, lets be honest when it comes down to it having the option of colour and style it just gets a lot more exciting. What if you could turn that flat pack veneer piece of furniture you bought last year into a rustic work of art with layers of colours and textures with patina that would take decades to create naturally; what if we could put the entire colour way of your home on that one piece to sit against your modern crips white walls as a stunning entrance piece to set the tone and style for your home as you enter, a piece you won’t find anywhere else other than your home…this is Taylored Revival and this will be our focus for 2018 Bespoke furniture and Creative Interiors alongside The Artisan Collection 

The late Steve Jobs once said “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people” and as TR grows and the family within it grows and matures I could not agree more whole heartedly with this saying. I’ve always believed that you cannot work in a place like TR if you don’t have “the passion” ….you will be left behind or you will not last.  We often joke that as a team at TR we spend more time together than with our own families although a joke, this is also a fact. We are a close knit team with different strengths and dynamics, but together we are Taylored Revival (TR), we are a small but capable team with big dreams and it’s pure passion that drives us,  the creative synergy this year has been amazing and something really unique and special and speaks volumes in the achievements  for us as a team this year for TR. I’m very grateful to have such an amazing team behind TR, it is this team that helps to create the TR experience that I know our customers and clients love.


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Dorophya aka Me:

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Now Rewind – When TR started, my daughter wasn’t even walking yet, I was about to approach my 30’s and I had no clue what was in store or what we were creating, there was nothing around that I could base off on whether this idea was going to be successful or not,  all I knew was that I had this urge,  it was time to do something I loved, we had a lot of dreams and  I remember thinking that if I could just do this for a living and just cover the bills as a starting point,  life would be good. We were looking for something that fulfilled us deeper, something with more meaning,  a challenge… people told us it would never work, we got a lot of  “mmm that’s nice, good luck” and a few eye rolls I remember those moments as if they were yesterday as they are also the ones that drive me.  This year my daughter has now finished her first year of school. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ and “decorative painting” is a permanent fixture in her world and our family, everything can be painted you can change the colour of anything in her world, including toys. I wanted to share this little story today so that it may also help to inspire others, those who are looking to make a change this coming New Year, a change in direction in life requires bravery and boldness, whatever path that maybe, the road is most certainly not easy but if it’s something you love and are genuinely passionate about, the journey will be worth it.  TR certainly has a lot of things in store in 2018… (and no; moving again is not one of them 🙂 and in my opinion the real journey of TR has only just started.


To close off; it has  been an amazing year for us here at TR and words don’t do it justice.  It has all been made possible only by your continued support and loyalty. We would like to thank every single person who made a visit to the TR Gallery, who booked into a workshop, who purchased a bespoke piece, an inspired homeware, who liked a post on facebook, loved a pic on instagram… who told their friends and family about us. We read every comment on social media notice every like and love, the positivity drives us more than you know. Thank you. We would like to take this time to wish you all a lovely Xmas with your friends and family, we hope you take the time to enjoy the small special and precious moments together. We would all like to wish you a safe and happy holiday and brilliant New Year for 2018. We look forward to re-opening the doors in the New Year after having re-charged and re-couped over the holiday period. As a team we will be rearing to go for another year of creating inspiration in the TR Gallery. We look forward to seeing you then xxx

Dorophya x