Annie Sloan’s #25Project Completed in NZ

To celebrate an amazing 25 years creativity with Chalk Paint™; Annie Sloan released a worldwide competition to encourage the transformation of 25 deserving community spaces. With very little rules to get in the way, the focus really was upon supporting people and communities through coming together; applications were gathered globally over a couple of months of promotions and filtered through her website .

On the 25th August 2016 the winners were announced  and the Beachlands Community Trust and the Log Cabin were one of the selected winners, the only one in NZ.
Taylored Revival were approached to lead the project and we didn’t hesitate, excited to jump on board to help, support and lead this project from start to finish.

An amazing weekend showcasing  the power of community spirit. All along we knew that if we could get people to come together for this event amazing things could happen, so we set the bar high and  put out a pretty big claim to complete a makeover inside and out including the furniture of the Log Cabin using  Annie Sloan’s paints together with the community  in just one weekend.  On the weekend of the event we arrived with sweaty palms but we were just so blown away with what took place. What a mammoth task and we more than achieved what we set out to do for the community of Beachlands and the Pohutakawa Coast. We think everyone who was involved left inspired by the power of community,  an incredible experience that doesn’t come by often and it was wonderful for us  to be a part of it. Thank you Annie Sloan. This blog post documents the Journey of “The Log Cabin Revival- a community project”

Annie Sloan Announces #25Project Winners and Beachlands Community Trust and the Log Cabin were selected

The first meet:

14th July 2016: The announcement was yet to be made publicly  but work had already started. We had our first Meeting with the Beachlands Community Trust where we met with Jenny Carter for the first time to discuss the history of the cabin, find out more about it, discuss the revival of the log cabin and the possibilities and what could be achieved with Annie Sloan’s paints. Initial photos were taken of the Log Cabin and some possible concepts were discussed loosely. As a follow up Taylored Revival sent through some mood boards for the internals and externals based on the discussions had.

September 1st 2016 : Taylored Revival, the Beachlands Trust and The Council got together to further discuss a concept. We were made aware of the sensitivity of this being a historical building and all agreed that the colours for the exterior should be chosen by the Community.  Taylored Revival put together 4 concepts and 4 mood boards after the discussions were made  including leaving the cabin as it was and reviving just the interiors. These boards were then approved by council and  taken back to Beachlands to be presented at the Beachlands Partnership event  for the community to place their vote. Votes were also opened up on social media through Facebook to give people the option to  vote online. A Facebook Page The Log Cabin Revival was created.

September 9th
-2016 write ups of #25Project, the log cabin and voting options were printed in the local papers

September 11 2016 – Positive Partnership Event in Beachlands was held at the Beachlands community hall, discussion were had within the community and votes were placed. After the event a decision was made to extend the voting period for a few more weeks to allow everyone to have their chance to place their vote. More prints in the local paper encouraged people to visit the hall during the weekdays to view the concept boards and place their votes. Social media campaigns were run at the same time to get the community to place votes online.

September 22 2016– 110 votes were received with Coastal Blue (Louis Blue & Pure White) running first with the Natural Concept (Coco & Pure White) second and this was updated and posted on Facebook as a final push to get people who hadn’t voted to get their votes in.

October 21 2016– An announcement was made after votes were tallied up by the council “COASTAL BLUE is the officially chosen colour scheme for the Log Cabin makeover, with over 45% choosing this” – Posted on The Log Cabin Revival Facebook page The interior concept were finalised based on the coastal theme chosen and we took onboard feedback from the council to give it a fun relaxed feel. The dates were set for the event being the 18 & 19th of February allowing for the NZ Winter to blow over and for the Summer weather to hit. One of the selected days was also on the same as the annual speed boat races in Beachlands where people gather around Sunkist Bay reserve and the beach to watch and we thought it work in well with the event and would create a fun, busy and energetic atmosphere for the day.

November 21st – The first bit of painting gets started. The ceiling at the log cabin gets painted in Chalk Paint in preparation for the event. Thank you to Shane, Alex and Chris and the volunteers who helped to transform the ceiling in Pure White Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. This was the only work that needed to be done prior to the event however it was still done with volunteers who took time out of their busy days and lives to create for the community. Thank you.

November 24 – Campaigning begins and online registrations were open for volunteers to register their details to join in on the community event on February 18th & 19th. Taylored Revival starts to run campaigns to inspire and get people to join in on the event including videos. Registrations were taken online through Taylored Revivals blog and website.

December 12th – Annie Sloan’s new wall paint which is yet to be made available in NZ gets flown over from the UK and Taylored Revival receive the first lot of Annie Sloan paint for the Log Cabin … its starts to feel a little more real at this point. The remaining paint arrives on the 23rd December and we remember this because it was the day before we shut down for Xmas!


Jan- February- Taylored Revival helps to boost, promote facebook posts, inspirational videos and information across their business pages and the Log Cabin Revival Page as we head closer to the event pushing for more volunteers to get involved and create a bit of magic for their community. Hammer Hardware in Beachlands come on board to supply paint brushes, ladders & scrapers. The local Beach Pizza in Beachlands offers to feed the volunteers on both days and Beachlands Barfoot & Thompson offer to lend us a Marquee.

The week before the event Auckland has a constant downpour of rain all week (yes in the middle of summer) with rain forecast on both Saturday & Sunday. We were still hopeful for a bit of sun and charged forward, the event was going ahead rain or shine! .


February 17th 2017 at 1.20pm :  Taylored Revival box all the paints, brushes and tools and gets together for a quick photo and final post the day before the event “It’s not often you get a photo of these guys all together but here it is…The Team at Taylored Revival are all packed and ready to go! Dorophya & Paige will be there on Saturday with the entire team onsite on Sunday! Very excited to get started!!!” –  Facebook Log Cabin Revival

“Our brushes and paints are packed and we cant wait to get started on our #25project at Beachlands Log Cabin. A weekend of painting and transforming this wonderful community space. Its a community event so If you have some time come and join us in creating a little magic. Saturday & Sunday event starts at 8.30am. Dorophya & Paige will be there on Saturday with Darrell and Maria at the gallery. The entire team onsite on Sunday- See you then!- Taylored Revivals Facebook page

Friday 17th 3.30pm- The  rain stopped and there a subtle blue skies in the distance and there is hope that maybe we will be able to stick to our plans after all! The TR team head over to the Beachlands Log Cabin to transport paint and materials for the event and do some quick masking. Bracing ourselves for the big event on the next day.


DAY 1  – 18th of February

After a week of rain and down pour we arrived at 7.45am  and stopped for a moment to take this photo from the entrance of the log cabin . A little peep of the blue skies, the water is calm and we make a decision to stick to the original plan and focus on painting the externals. With so much rain we weren’t too sure how many volunteers would show up as we had a few emails of cancellations throughout the week also. But today was the day and regardless we were adamant the Log Cabin Revival will be completed!

The Morning starts and Volunteers start pouring in… it was a fun relaxed atmosphere and everyone went to task quickly.  Volunteers starting showing up one after the other, some arrived  with paint brushes in hand; others were given one and we set about painting the exterior. We were so busy handing out brushes and paints and running around making sure everyone had supplies at 9.30am (an hour after the event had started) we had a moment to stop and look around and this was the first realisation of just how special this event was. We had almost finished two sides of  the cabin and the other two sides were a quarter of the way through, it had only been an hour… completely blown away and we took a quick video to post on our facebook page calling for more volunteers. Volunteers continue to arrive both men and women from all ages

Video from Taylored Revival and The log Cabins facebook page: “Amazing what can happen when you come together only 9.30 and look at the progress. Thankyou all so much for coming and if you have time feel free to pop on down!-taylored revival 🙂 “

It was incredible to watch complete strangers come together through a community project, bonding, laughing and creating….

This was one of the most memorable moments for us. This sweet young girl arrived with her mother, but happily painted this corner of the building whilst chattering away to one of the other volunteers. Happy for her mum to walk around to do other things  leaving her to paint next to her new found friend 🙂

By Lunch time the building was completely painted in Louis Blue, we broke off for a quick lunch allowing the Louis Blue Chalk Paint™ to dry. With the sun out we knew we would only have to wait about 20 minutes before it was dry and we could work on in again. So we pulled out some furniture from the Log Cabin and made a start on that, we divided our volunteers into three groups; team 1- working on furniture, team 2- working on on painting the window frames in Pure White, team 3- applying another half coat of Louis Blue to the exterior on areas that were missed our weren’t quite covered

Team 1 on the window Frames

While Team 2 were working on furniture


3.30pm : Even though we had planned to work up until 5pm, with so much progress being made on day 1 we wrapped up early. Everyone finished on a high and we were so blown away with the day.


Day 2 – 19th February

Day 2 of our #25Project taken 8.00am overcast but it’s not raining!

Sunday Morning and while most people were probably having a sleep in our dedicated volunteers showed up one by one ready to tackle the inside. With Annie Sloan’s new wall paint we painted the interior room by room in Duck Egg Blue, a colour that would be cheerful and beachy in the summer but still cozy and warm through the winter. The fixed furniture was also freshened up with paint along with the kitchen cabinets.

By Lunchtime the first coat on all the walls were completed and while we waited for this to dry we continued on with the remaining furniture. Plastic chairs, formica table tops, veneer bookcases, all given a makeover with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. We loved watching the kids paint all the plastic chairs in different colours!

and while everything was going on, some minor work in cleaning up the exterior was done and the kids got to scraping and cleaning up the windows.


Again even though we had planned to work until 5pm at 4.20pm  we were more or less done, the furniture was moved back in and we called it a day. Everyone on a high and exhausted from an incredible achievement. One weekend, one community, one building transformed inside and out.  With only minor clean up work, hugs and high fives were given all around and we all made our merry way home. Taylored Revival went by the next day to clean up and take some final photos



Corner looking out to the beach

Main Table area


Fold out desk areas and storage room/office



Corner Area looking back out to the reserve


The Fire Place

The Furniture


Our favourite shots which show just how light bright airy the space is now. Warm cheerful and inviting with a relaxed beachy coastal feel, keeping inline with the coastal theme on the outside which the community chose. The furniture was distressed and aged to create a relaxed characterful environment. The white ceiling has lifted and brightened and enlarged the space.



Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 9.34.09 PM.png

Thank you to the local business:  Hammer hardware, Beach Pizza and Barfoot and Thompson in Beachlands for getting behind the project.

Lastly thank you Annie Sloan for bringing the #25Project to Beachlands NZ what a very special & unique project this was. Thank you to all the volunteers who volunteered their time. This was a project completed purely through the power of community for the community.

Quick Last quotes from the Taylored Revival Team : 

Darrell: “One of the most rewarding things to come out of being involved in this business is to be able to give back to the community, its a unique experience and feeling to be involved in it”

Paige: “Really awesome experience, Amazing that we achieved all of that in one weekend. I think we all left on a high from feeling like anything was achievable”

Maria: “Such a memorable experience, so beautiful to see all these different people come together wanting to create for it’s community. The power in which we got through the work is still unbelievable, but we did it!!!”

Dorophya: “What an incredible experience, I hope this helps to somewhat create a ripple effect & inspire more people to get involved with their schools and communities as every little act makes a difference in the bigger scheme of things. when there is an opportunity to come together to create something, get involved,  although you will be gifting  your time and energy, what you get back from being involved, the experience, is so much more”

From the Beachlands Community Trust :

“Thank you, seems such a little word to express what Annie Sloan and Taylored Revival have done for the Log Cabin and the Beachlands Community. You have created a gorgeous vision, and made it happen. This lovely little building with so much potential now has her day. Bringing your enthusiasm, ideas and resources, you have gifted a wonderful asset to our neighbourhood. But more than that. People can dream of projects they see running from here. Helping others, fund raising or simply creating. Now it can happen. It is a beautiful, beautiful space now, and can look forward to another 100 years of holding fort overlooking the bay, whilst creating a retreat for the weary to rest a while. Thank you again.”