Bring Your Own Piece Workshop

In Progress

We had a brilliant morning today with our Bring Your Own Piece Workshop. 4 people to a workshop which allows for a relaxed intimate setting.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful customers where it just feels like your hanging out with friends painting for the morning and it’s great to be able to hear wonderful stories and accomplishments that every one has done in their homes.

Our BYOP workshops is a follow on/ secondary to  the 101  with each workshop usually focussing on a specific technique or look. Today’s workshop allowed everyone to choose a technique from the 101 and put it to practical use on a piece of furniture, with our guidance from start to finish and learning tips and tricks along the way on how to detail, what to look out for and how to add the finishing touches to create your bespoke piece, we discussed colours and colour pairings and it was wonderful to come up with the concepts in a workshop environment and then see everyone create, revive  and make the concepts come to life.

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