Painting a block wall in our new extended retail space coming soon

Work has begun out the back of our furniture gallery. Today we have finished painting the white block wall out the back, setting the tone for what will be our new extended retail space, destined to hold exciting new lines and products that we have in store for our customers.

The wall in this space use to be a stark white cinder block wall, something that is quite common in older NZ homes or garages. Often we look at these walls and think not much can be done with them and usually they will be painted “white” to make it appear more “contemporary”. These cinder block walls have the potential to be soooo much more with Chalk Paint™!

These blocks naturally have gorgeous texture that is just crying out to be enhanced with Chalk Paint™, whether it be more of a Mediterranean look, industrial or rustic country, it can be done with Chalk Paint™.

With our walls we have used Old Ochre as a base, all hand painted in a circular like motion with Annie Sloan large brush getting into all the original texture. We then ragged it with a slightly damped cloth to blend and fade and give it some variation. Next step was done with a Coco wash (diluting the paint by 50% water) roughly brushing on within each block and ragging off to dry and blend, some blocks we washed just half of with coco, others we washed in full, to further  create variation. We then went through and selectively washed some blocks with paris grey and ragged off again creating variation and aiming for it to be somewhat “imperfectly perfect”. Lastly we dry brushed Coco+ graphite mix to accentuate and add further depth in colour and used a rag to blend again . Final step, we lightly sanded edges and peaks using very coarse sandpaper to give it a worn look and highlight the textures and layers of washes. As most of this wall was just a series of washes with different colours, when we say sand, we more or less mean run your hand over with sand paper as that is all it will need to bring out the textures and colours.

This look of course can be done with any combination of colours, series  of greys for a more industrial like look, or oranges and reds to create more of a brick effect the options are endless but easily created with Chalk Paint™.  Next project… painting over laminate floors for our new retail space. Watch this space.

Inspired by this project? visit us at 22 Moore Street and talk to us about how you can create a decorative wall with Chalk Paint™ or to purchase Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan click here