TR decorative wall part 2- Gold & Silver gilded stencils

Wall in night light

Super busy day in the gallery today, as I charged along to try and finish our new wall. Lots of  wonderful conversations about the wall in progress with customers today. Previous post shows a day of stencilling the day before and today it was gold and silver gilding. I used Annie Sloan’s gold sizing of course (available in store)  along side  her sponge roller to apply the sizing on with my stencil and gold and silver leaf (also in store). Annie Sloan’s sizing goes on blue and when it’s ready it goes clear (very clever) letting you know when to start your gold/silver leafing. The neat thing about her sizing is that once you apply it, you don’t have to leaf straight away you could leave it for ages and it will still be tacky ready for leafing which was perfect as this project had to fit in with serving customers in the gallery today.  Using Annie’s sponge roller was great, it was fast, no drips and super easy to control the amount I put on the walls. I started gilding our walls just before lunch, and managed to finish by closing time. It was wonderful watching the wall change throughout the day from the morning light to evening, and the gilded stencils look on another life at night. I ended up working a bit later with sheer determination to have this finished today. I was glad I did work a bit later, as the wall looked pretty spectacular in the night light with the chandelier on.  You can see in the photos there is a little sign that says TR Paint Studio beautifully done by Karenza today. That’s right we are getting ready to move our paint studio from the back of the shop to the front of the shop. Painting in the public eye for all to see… *shriek* we think it’s a wonderful way to keep the gallery interactive not just from the street frontage but to allow our customers to come in and see EVERYTHING that goes on in our paint studio 🙂 Which brings up the question, so what will go out the back where our paint studio use to be??? – Stay tuned.



Inspired by this project? come in and visit us at 22 Moore Street to view the wall and talk to us about decorative walls. To purchase Gold Size by Annie Sloan  click here or Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan click here