Wall stencilling- TR decorative wall in progress

In Progress

Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan is a wonderful creative tool that allows you to CREATE, although we mainly use it on furniture here at TR, it is a decorative paint, and it pretty much goes on any surface with out any sanding or priming. I’ve been really inspired lately with images of decorative walls from around the world and in particular, Annie Sloan’s stencilled wall that she has in her colour recipes book.

Some changes are brewing around the gallery so we have decided to re paint the walls in our training room. With this project I wanted to show case colour and the possibilities of a bespoke decorative wall using Annie Sloan. I wanted something elegantly vintage, something a little different, and hopefully inspiring for our customers.

If you have ever been into our furniture gallery or have done a workshop with us,  you will be familiar with our Paris Grey and old white blended wall which we hand painted with texture before the shop opened. Originally, the Paris Grey was painted with plenty of texture, using Annie Sloan’s brush to pull the paint around the wall. How we got that colour? Nothing too technical,  poured a little bit of Old White into a Paris Grey Tin, stirred it so it looked like ripple ice cream (not completely mixed) used Annie Sloan’s Large brush and painted, stippled and blended the colour on the wall.- done, this was a lovely soft neutral finish, but today we were going for something a little out of the box.

Today in our plans to create a “new look” I edged (using Annie’s flat brush)  and  washed the entire wall in Graphite over the Paris Grey, highlighting all of the gorgeous texture, then I started to stencil, Over laying a large damask like stencil with Annie Sloan’s Petruska stencil . Colours used:   Arles, Graphite, Paris Grey, Aubusson Blue and Napoleonic Blue with a touch of Duck Egg mixed with Paris Grey all the colours . The entire wall was stencilled using Annie Sloan’s sponge rollers (these are amazing for stencilling by the way and are in store) I had four on the go and they make stencilling easy!  bleed through the stencil is minimised, also holds the Chalk Paint™  really well and makes it go quite far with each roll. Once the entire wall stencilled, I  lightly sanded to give it a worn look. then re- washed with Graphite in selected areas. Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan has an approx dry time of 20 minutes but with stencilling it’s much much faster, by the time i was finished one end the other was ready to be overlapped again.  Pretty good progress today in between serving customers and below are the results so far..still work left to do tomorrow, which will change it yet again, without giving away too much, gilding and another wash is in the pipeline…- Stay tuned for the next set of photos .