Dare to bring out your inner Pink…

Mothers day is this week, so we thought it appropriate to be sharing hot pink colour recipes as our Mix it Monday. This week we are sharing 3 shades all creating by using Burgandy as a base.

1: Burgandy + Pure White
2: Burgandy + Cream
3: Burgandy + Scandanavian Pink

Adjust the proportion of Burgandy depending on what you’re after. Mixing it with Pure White gives you a brighter, crisper more modern shade of pink. Mixing it with cream creates a softer more vintage version. Mixing it with Scandanavian pink creates a darker, deeper hot pink.
mix it monday 2 may (1)

Hot pink is a daring colour for interiors, a great colour for creating a modern or vintage piece. It’s bold and striking, and when  done correctly  it’s stunning. A colour like this, also dark waxes beautifully to create a  true vintage look. Perfect for those feature pieces. Pink is often a colour that is “secretly loved” not often used or put to practice. As young girls most of us had a shameless “pink phase” where everything was pink. Somewhere along the lines we all grew out of it, too mature, too grown up to like pink. Some of us even grew to dislike it. Have a look at the  interior photos below and  dare to bring out your inner pink this year on a piece at home.

Hot pinks look gorgeous when paired with golds and brass hardware. A bright vivid and energetic colour works well for those darker areas in the home. Introducing a colour like this will also allow you to introduce various shades of pinks into the room harmoniously. TR will most definitely be doing a hot pink piece this year….  are you bold enough to introduce pink into yours? stay tuned.

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mix it monday 2 may

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