Everlast florals at TR

One of the simplest ways to enhance interiors is by adding greenery and florals, it’s all about pulling the outdoors in. Florals can instantly uplift, soften and warm up a room. Don’t get us wrong, we love a fresh bouquet of florals on the table, but sometimes a bunch of  high quality everlast florals can be a convenient and cost effective substitute. There are some amazing high quality everlast florals available on the market at the moment from ones that look and even feel lifelike, to highly detailed stems and florals that are a work of art in themselves. When purchasing everlast florals it really is in all the minute details, from the way the petals bend to the way the stem is detailed and right through to the depth and range of colours used.

It’s best to purchase the high quality ever last florals as these will last a long time and look great. The best type are ones that you make you wonder whether  or not they are real… you know… the ones you go up to, give a little squeeze on the petals to see if they are actually real.

Some tips for dressing ever last florals:

Entrance area:  create visual impact by using various heights and colours that compliment your space. For a more classic style use one or at most no more than two colours  in your presentation. With a modern space add rich pops colours with “off the cuff” presentation or  use foliage rather than florals. If you’re going for a more country style, combine a few  colours with foliage using relaxed wild country style florals such  as hydrangeas, sweet peas, snap dragons and add two or three natural mediums, twigs, pebbles etc to complete the look

Choose the right vase: Often everlast florals will look best in a solid vase where you can’t see the stems and whether or not there is water in it, so urns, ceramics and tinted glass vases are ideal. Although we love clear  glass vases here at TR,  so when using with  clear glass, add pebbles at the bottom of the vase to help anchor the whole presentation it allows the stems to sit in more firmly and also helps to give them an overall more natural look.

Bathrooms and dark areas: Ok so most of us don’t have a spare $50-$60 dollars a week as a floral budget to add florals into places like bathrooms and dark hallways, spare bedrooms every week, areas where it’s not worth getting fresh florals where they won’t really be seen and  where fresh florals won’t last that long. Everlast florals are a great alternative for these areas. Bathrooms can be such sterile places in the home and adding florals can really help to soften and make the space more inviting. Spare bedrooms can be lifted by a bunch of florals on the spare dresser; it makes it inviting and gives it a lived in feeling.

Here at Taylored Revival we source only high quality everlast florals to help you enhance your interiors, we choose florals that  inspire us and hopefully help to inspire you and your interiors. The style of our everlast florals often change each month along  with the furniture gallery to create a complete inspirational setting.   This months new everlast  florals have arrived. Focussing on rich blues, purples and classic whites along with some new foliages in store; coupled with our array of beautiful designer vases. Have a sneak peek below at the latest arrivals, we have also included some inspiring images further down on how to use florals in the home.



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