Annie Sloan re-usable, washable sanding pads now in at Taylored Revival..

Last week we brought in Annie Sloan sanding  pads… unsurprisingly they flew off the shelves and we were sold out on the first day and it’s not hard to see why. These Sanding pads are re-usable and washable! Each pack comes with 3 pads in different grades. Decorative sanding and detailing is an important step to reviving furniture, it will have an impact on the end result, different grades for different looks whether you are looking to achieve a rustic finish or more of a refined look, Annie Sloan has created these wonderful sanding pads to allow you to do your decorative sanding with comfort and ease

Annie Sloan’s sanding pads are cleverly designed to be flexible and are  durable meaning you can fold them over for hard to reach areas, you can roll them up rather than having to insert a sanding block, they flex and bend allowing you to beautifully sand your Chalk Paint™ with comfort and ease.  They are washable meaning once your done, you run them under water, use a gentle cloth to clean them up  and  leave them to dry . Revolutionary! No more little bits of  used sand paper on the ground

Annie Sloan sanding pads are now in at Taylored Revival and this time we have brought in enough to keep everyone happy!

Available in our furniture gallery at 22 Moore Street or online through our our website: Click here