Explore your senses…

New in our furniture gallery are Annie Sloan’s Fragrance Collection for the home,  helping to create a true sensual experience at TR. Enter and walk  through a visually inspiring  gallery,   full of colour and different paint finishes, along with a richly organic & parfumerie-like experience through Annie Sloan’s Fragrance collection. We are loving the feedback from customers as they walk through the gallery since we’ve had these in stock. These fine fragrances are made in England, using the finest ingredients and what we love most about them is that  it includes naturally farmed organic materials with each element traceable to its source, ensuring only the best ingredients are used.

We are all too familiar with the smell of freshly cut grass that may take us back to memories of our childhood, running around barefoot on the school fields or catching  a whiff of a scent that triggers you back to special memory, instantly uplifting and putting a smile on your face….

“These fragrances release different scent notes at different times, providing an intricate sensory experience that inspires and satisfies on many levels” – Annie Sloan

These fragrances in our opinion, are complex, sophisticated and just strong enough. They  will slow you down and give you a wonderful sensory experience. The design on the packaging is beautiful with each box containing a glass perfume bottle and natural reeds. These diffusers are simple in design, the necks of the bottles are named with the Annie Sloan colour that the fragrance draws inspiration from.  Annie Sloan home fragrances are sold only through her stockists and they are now available at Taylored Revival.