Photos from our Chalk Paint™ workshops

Bring Your Own Mirror Workshop

We have had a super busy time in the last month with our chalk paint™ workshops as we continue to spread the love and passion for what we do. In the last few months we have been releasing more focussed and specialised workshops allowing our customers to further expand their knowledge, refine their techniques under the expert guidance of TR. With the winter months coming,  it’s a great time to get onto all your projects with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan, approx 20 minutes dry time, little mess, with no odour makes Chalk Paint™ the perfect rainy day project… keep warm in your home and paint up a storm this winter!

Sharing some photos from some of workshops below, also have a read of a quick run down for our workshops for May below:


Chalk Paint 101 workshop
If you have never painted with Chalk Paint™ or have just dabbled in a  couple of finishes, the 101 workshop is a wonderful workshop jam packed with information to get your roaring ahead. It is packed with everything you need to know to get on fire with your projects, this one in particular covers 4 techniques in a broad range of finishes. It gives you the knowledge and understanding of how Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and waxing system works. How to work with outdoor furniture, and how to work with veneer or matt plastic like finishes. It gives you the basic principles of waxing and creating age. It is hands on the entire time.  Our furniture gallery which is full of hand painted pieces is used as visual aid, inspiration along side the workshop, so that you get a full understanding of paint effects and finishes on furniture. We even pull out a piece of furniture and paint it in front of you while you have your morning tea to demonstrate how quick and easy it can be. Everything is supplied and you do not need to bring anything, except an open mind, be prepared as you will be introduced to a world of endless possibilities.

Bring your Own Mirror- French Elegance finish
Criteria: must have completed a 101 or well versed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ and waxes. This is a specialised workshop which will expand your knowledge further and get you to exploring colour pairing, combining specialised techniques and learning new techniques outside of the 101 on how to create depth in colour, how to softly layer and incorporate a slight age to create a  french elegance finish. The new techniques and knowledge will allow you to further enhance your your projects at home as well as having a mirror beautifully created under our guidance

Bring your own small piece- French Rustic 
Criteria : must have completed a 101 or well versed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ and waxes. This is a specialised workshop which challenges you to break the rules and work from “outside the box” creating extreme texture and layers, new distressing techniques and will explore colour pairings and how to create heavy ageing. It will have you leaving the workshop with a completely bespoke artistic piece full of age and rustic character.

Bring your own small piece – practical workshop from the 101. 
Criteria:  must have completed a 101 workshop or well versed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and waxes. For those who are already on their way but want more guidance on a particular technique learnt from the 101 or feel that they need to further master waxing/dark waxing, or for those who completed a workshop a while ago and want a refresher on a particular technique, this one’s for you.  Bring your small piece in, choose one of the four techniques you learnt from the 101 that  you would like to master and we will guide you from start to finish. Observe your painting and waxing styles and give you expert advice tips and help you to refine the way you do it,  to get you that technique well under your belt.

Our workshops do sell out, there are limited spaces and limited number of workshops each month, book in early to avoid disappointment. To book head to our website by clicking here or book in person at 22 Moore Street Howick