The Dupont’s, first revival in our french elegance collection now in store

The Taylored Revival French elegance collection is our take on a quintessential & timeless home decor style. The French are undeniably the experts of “effortless elegance”. We are talking pared down style which smartly bridges the gap between pretty, and practical. Think pale dusky colour palettes, sexy rococo curves, interesting textures; a natural and relaxed feel. We are drawing colours from Annie Sloan’s range which are typically french and then using creative wax work, paint layering and distressing to create natural and authentic age in our pieces as part of this collection.

We have aimed to portray the sophistication of french style through a fusion of more grandiose forms and some simple rustic elements ( like the fabric chosen for the chairs of our dining suite, a heavy organic feeling mattress ticking )

Here at the Taylored Revival Gallery we experience the influence of french design everyday, with countless customers and clients imagining the delicate understated french style in their own homes and looking for ways to go about creating it. So here it is, the first of the TR French elegance collection. Come in and be inspired by our pieces and talk to us about introducing elements of french style into your home.

Here is our first revival for our French Elegance collection, originally a dark solid Mahogany dining room suite  often overlooked by people and seen as dated and dark. This suite has now been completely lightened and brightened using Pure White Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan, we have added warmth to this otherwise very stark and bright white, by using a French Linen Wax, which is in basic terms French linen Chalk Paint™ added into the clear wax and mixed. The wax detailing has given the Dupont’s  a beautiful subtle age, as well as adding depth and character to the hand painted finish. The chairs have been reupholstered  in a french style textile adding a relaxed  and casual look and feel, then finished  off with antique black brass studs  “The Duponts” is a gorgeous elegant dining room suite, which showcases the endless and beautiful  possibilities with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. This Dupont’s is  the perfect suite for enlarging an intimate dining space through colour or the perfect dining suite for a holiday home. (Mirror in photos is also available in store)  For further information about the “Duponts” click here