There is only one; Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan: A wonderful revival of a micro suede couch.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.19.08 pm

This revival is a wonderful showcase of how Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan is so much more than paint. Revived by our lovely customer Leanne who we have gotten to know so well now through this project of hers, the results are amazing and we love how she is using Chalk Paint™ to transform her interior space. Leanne attended one of our workshops back in December, after  having used Chalk Paint™ on her furniture since the workshop, she wanted to explore the possibility of painting her couch. We talked her through some areas of consideration prior to starting the project, knowing that she had a good understanding of Chalk Paint™ it’s properties and it’s capabilities from attending the workshop we knew she would get great results even if she didn’t at the time 🙂 . Leanne went off to start her project and like we do with most customers we waited patiently for her return into TR to see how she went. We managed to catch up with her on her next visit to us “to get more Chalk Paint™” for the final coat and it sounded like it was going great, we discussed what stage she was at and a few tips and tricks for the next stages,  she promised us photos, we knew she wasn’t far away from finishing and could not wait to see the results.  Next visit,  photos! Huddled around  her phone we were completely blown away with the results. Leanne used a mix of Graphite and Pure White for her micro- suede leather couch, she painted with watered down coats, building up the colour and lightly

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.19.25 pm


sanding in between with 600 grit sandpaper, she has more or less dyed the micro-suede leather with the high quality colour pigments contained in Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan.  The couch has not been waxed and she says it feels wonderful, like leather but soft, moves and bends. The inners have not been re-stuffed but rather the leather has regained it’s form after being painted. She did not clean or give the the existing couch any treatment prior to painting. This was a project that was just too wonderful not to share, even though it was Leanne’s project we have such a huge sense of pride when we see our customers successfully exploring the endless possibilities and transforming their spaces with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan… Thank you Leanne for letting us share your project what a wonderful job you have done on this and we look forward to seeing the three seater you are now working on! 🙂

couch revival
15th February 2016- UPDATE
Three Seater now complete! We are in complete awe of our customer Leanne, here is her  three seater which was done in a darker colour to the first, and again what a transformation not just for the couch but the revival has completely changed the look and feel of her home. Believe it or not Leanne is now thinking of doing her Ottoman… stay tuned!