Taylored Revival workshop 101 and the results from workshop attendees…

Two months into the year and we are back up to speed with our Chalk Paint™ 101 workshops. We have been blown away with the demand from people to attend this workshop and in some cases even prepared to travel very long distances. Over the holiday season we saw the birth of many projects and this has continued through the long weekend in Auckland. They say that a picture paints a thousand words; and we would obviously agree with this so we thought it would be great to share some of the results from our workshop attendees .

The idea that Annie Sloan always had behind Chalk Paint™ was to allow people to easily transform and revive furniture and interior spaces. The projects below from our attendees really showcase how with this amazing product, and some guidance it is very possible for anyone to create “endless possibilities”.

To find out more about a Taylored Revival Chalk Paint workshop 101 click here

And here is a small selection of the beautiful results achieved by our previous Taylored Revival workshop 101 attendees….

We are passionate about helping people create their creative interiors, it is important to us that everyone leaves our workshops feeling inspired, knowledgable and inspired to tackle their projects at home in a range of finishes and styles. When you attend a 101 workshop with TR you not only gain in depth knowledge on the wonders of Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan, but you get an insight into our world and receive practical and technical knowledge from us through our experience of using it everyday. More importantly, our workshop attendees become apart of our “Chalk Paint™ family” they become apart of a wonderful creative TR community, the relationship doesn’t end after a workshop but is rather where it starts. We provide on going continued support after our workshop. We have a paint bar in store where our workshop attendees regularly visit so we can assist with a new colour mix, re-jog a technique, provide inspiration and advice on the latest project. It has been extremely rewarding to watch our workshop attendees explore, merge techniques and become more adventurous with their colours and finishes over time, like proud parent’s we really do come into work and gush to each other about what everyone has been creating. We honestly have the best jobs in the world sharing our love for the “best paint in the world.”