TR Bespoke 2016 Collection is underway…

Hello 2016! the gallery is looking bare from the huge rush we had over the Christmas period. We have been incredibly inspired over the Holidays and have been straight back into it with our creative hats on, planning and outlining our bespoke revivals for 2016.

Rather than seeing different styles of  revivals through out the year. This year will see TR  releasing collections of bespoke revivals. We will be pushing the boundaries, immersing styles, periods and techniques, creating fusions of different looks and themes, whilst adding our TR take and twist with every piece. Exciting!

The first collection for 2016 will be called “One Dark Midcentury Evening” focussing on midcentury style pieces (something we have yet to showcase through TR) in a range of dark deep rich colours with a glamorous twist, this will be our take on midcentury furniture and we are madly excited about this being our first collection for the new year!

We will also be lining up some beautiful homeware to sit alongside each collection. On top of that, we are currently in the midst of planning a new setting for our shop for 2016 to further inspire and broaden the horizon around creative interiors and the endless possibilities with Chalk Paint™  It’s great to be back!

Here’s a sneak peek at our work in progress for the first collection of the year…



sneek peek  156
Studded frame – work in progress TR Collection #1 2016 : “One dark Mid-Century Evening”
sneek peek  157
Gold gilding using Annie Sloan gold sizing, a work in progress, – TR collection #1 : “One dark mid-century evening” 
Midcentury Modern Furniture:Mid-century modern is an architectural, interior, product and graphic design that generally describes mid-20th century developments in modern design, architecture and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965. The term, employed as a style descriptor as early as the mid-1950s, was reaffirmed in 1983 by Cara Greenberg in the title of her book, Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s (Random House), celebrating the style that is now recognized by scholars and museums worldwide as a significant design movement.- wikipedia