Veneer particle board filing cabinet with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan

This is a piece we were commissioned to revive as apart of a houselot of projects, we don’t normally showcase revivals of this size but we thought this was a great  piece to show a step by step DIY because A: it’s a basic finish that is easily achievable B: In NZ we are all too familiar with a piece like this, a veneer particle board piece usually purchased for its functionality rather than its design quality but even a piece like this can come up trumps with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan, it doesn’t always have to be a vintage or antique piece. With no priming or Sanding you paint straight on (we call it instant gratification), with a dry time of approximately 20 minutes you can literally start and finish this piece well under a couple of hours even for those who have never painted before. For those of you who have been in to see us you would have met or seen Karenza, she is going to run through this project using Old White with Clear wax.

Veneer Particle Board Filing Cabinet in all it’s pre- revival glory

When painting on a surface like this you want the first coat to be really thin, it’s important to keep that first coat thin don’t aim for coverage, you want a thin coat of Chalk Paint™ to cover and adhere to the surface. So one  fast quick thin coat does the trick. Chalk Paint™ can go over metal as well so if you wanted to, you could go straight over the handles as well. For this project we removed the handles as we are going to replace them with dark cast brass character handles.

As you can see Karenza has painted on one very thin coat and is not going for full coverage with the first coat. She is using an Annie Sloan small rounded brush, which we live by…a wonderful high quality hog bristle brush, all handmade in Italy. It really helps with dragging the Chalk Paint™ across, it will allow you to create texture and makes Chalk Paint™ go really far, clean up is also easy as all you need to do is massage the bristles under running water to clean it. It’s rounded shape means you don’t need any other brush, as it will reach corners (give it a little stab in corners) and hard to reach places.


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Once you have completed your first thin coat, allow it approx 20 minutes to completely dry, really bone dry. Then start with your second coat.


This is the second coat you can see from the photo that this is where you will get your full coverage.

Leave the second coat to dry .. approximately 20 minutes depending on the environment and conditions. Now its time to clear wax. Clear wax will give your piece extra durability, it will richen the colour by a shade or two depending on which colour you use. If you spill water on it, it will bead off and it really protects your furniture. We had a lady buy a dresser off us and her son spilt bright red nail polish on it. On one side, she waited for it to dry and picked at the drip and was able to peel the entire drip off the dresser without damaging the furniture…



When applying your clear wax, brush it on in small manageable sections, then use a LINT FREE cloth  like old sheets to wipe the excess off . Brush on, wipe off, brush on wipe off. The moment the wax hits the painted surface it will absorb it, any excess clumps on the top gets wiped off with a lint free rag

Chalk Paint™ is a porous paint, when you apply the clear wax it will absorb into the body of the paint and harden as one. When waxing take care not to put too much on, if you put too much on it will take longer to cure. Think of it like hand lotion, you put just the right amount on, your hands are dry and you can continue doing things, you put too much on your hands remain wet, a similar thing applies to waxing. We always recommend waxing with an Annie Sloan wax brush as more often than not our customers who wax with a rag will put too much on and when they go to use a wax brush, they are just amazed at just how much easier it is to control the amount of wax they use. A wax brush is a good investment. We always apply wax with an Annie Sloan wax brush. Once you have waxed your entire piece, place your handles back on (or in our case the new handles) and  you are finished!  If you want a high gloss, leave it over night and buff it the next day with a smooth lint free cloth to get it super shiny or if you want a slight gloss buff it in 20 minutes or so when the wax is touch dry. A basic finish like this is very achievable and can create beautiful results for your home. A piece like this is common in the NZ home and is usually the odd piece in the room,  now you can revive it to suit your home and style. If you have any questions come in and see us at 22 Moore Street in Howick! 🙂

Filing cabinet  021


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