Looking for a neutral with a bit of a difference?

This weeks #mixitmonday is inspired by a mix we mixed with a customer last Saturday night during Midnight Madness in Howick. Too pretty not to share.  The mix uses French Linen, (one of our go to colours that goes with most other colours and also the colour we used to paint our shop floor)  MIXED  with Paloma what we call a “light purply grey” otherwise known as Taupe grey. The colour you get is a beautiful soft neutral in the “Taupe” range with a slight hint of purple but with an earthy balance. Alter the ratio depending on whether you want it earthier or not.  We are inspired by this colour, it dark waxes beautifully, with the dark wax toning in with the french linen base. With clear wax it looks contemporary with a lovely softness to it.  A versatile colour which would look gorgeous against deep purples crisp whites, and as you can see in the photo contrasts beautifully with deep blues (the colour in the background). Next time your after a neutral consider this gorgeous mix, for a neutral with a bit of a difference