The shop that Chalk Paint™ built…

The doors have now been open for two weeks and we are humbled, inspired and buoyed by the amazing response from both new and existing customers, since our move to Howick. This is truly the shop that Chalk Paint™ built. The last month has been a bit hazy for us here at TR, as we gave ourselves a 3 week deadline to get our new space ready, and to be honest we really pushed our limits, to  get the doors open on time. There were a lot of late night “picnic dinners” on the shop floor, finishing a day’s work in Whitford to then start a nights work in Howick. It’s a lot on any scale, but our excitement in recreating Taylored Revival in Howick motivated and inspired us to “just do it.” People said we were crazy to put that much pressure on ourselves, but we think that sometimes a bit of pressure is good for the heart. It get’s things pumping and it has a funny way of knocking us into super efficient mode. We had a vision, a very small budget, no project team, just the three of us with our paint brush and rollers in hand and did we mention a very small budget?  Looking back, we think we were running on adrenaline. We have no idea where we got it from, but we had the energy to power through and we managed to meet our deadline. Everything fell to into place like clockwork, Chalk Paint™ was a no-brainer. We knew what we were capable of with this amazing paint, it was our secret weapon in getting the place ready. By the time you paint one side of the wall / floor the other side was dry & ready to go again. It never held us back,  and as always, gave us beautiful results.  In fact the day before opening, we all got to go home at a healthy 7.30pm.  Amazing to think we only took 1 day of trading off for the transition. Looking back at these photos (wish we had taken more) we are incredibly proud of our achievements and we know it would not have been possible without Chalk Paint™. There is no doubt that no preparation – which means no priming or sanding and super fast drying time (approx 20 minutes) – meant that we were able to get our new shop ready in absolute record time. We painted whatever & wherever we could with Chalk Paint™. The floors in French Linen (2 different effects), the Walls in Country grey , Graphite, Paris Grey and Pure White, some walls only requiring 1 1/2 cans. The training table in Graphite, The french doors in Aubusson blue. It is a real showcase of Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan and it’s endless possibilities. A living breathing environment where you can see touch and feel the different finishes, not only on the furniture we have revived but in the surrounding environment. So there we go, the shop that Chalk Paint™ built is now open in Howick. It been our biggest project to date, and as with most of our projects here are some images of the before and afters…

Dorophya, Darrell & Karenza

BEFORE: Wall at the entrance needed to be removed – carpets need to be ripped up
PROGRESS: First Milestone, the walls are down…
BEFORE : of what is now the Inspiration room: hole needed to cut out for our french doors to link the Chalk Paint™ area to the inspiration/training room
WORK IN PROGRESS: Hole in the wall cut, French doors installed and work started with our decorative wall in Paris Grey and Old White
Howick 1739 (1)
Floors in the inspiration room painted with an aged look
inspiration room 1746
AFTER: French doors painted with a decorative wall of Paris grey and Old White, Chandelier hung
BEFORE: of the Chalk Paint™ area which now has doors leading into the inspiration room. That white wall to the right is now our Chalk Paint™ wall
inspiration room 1744
AFTER! with the floors now painted in solid French Linen through the chalk paint area (at this stage we are starting to get even more excited) Our track lighting is in but you can’t see it in the photos, we were pleased to be rid of the hospital lights
29th September 1755
30th of september 1783
AFTER : Our Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan wall, track lighting allowing us to highlight this space
photo (2)
IN PROGRESS : The hole has been cut for our french doors into our paint studio/commissioned works area
30th of september 1780
Our counter area/wall
29th September 1775
AFTER: Doors to the right is our paint studio, with the counter and other wall to the right, carpets completely gone, track lighting creating gorgeous ambient lighting
IN PROGRESS: Darrell rolling the wall in graphite…
29th September 1761
AFTER: Our graphite wall
30th of september 1777
AFTER: Our Graphite wall
howick shop 1735
Signage goes up and decals are ripped off the windows
29th September 1765
29th September 1756
Our front window “Chalk Paint™ ” lights… 🙂
29th September 1754
29th September 1762

The Gallery today