DIY: From this…to THIS… Decoupage – step by step instructions from our latest project

Here is a step by step for using Annie Sloan’s Decoupage.
We have just finished this side table today and  it is the latest piece to enter the gallery and is available for purchase. This side table was also completed  using Annie Sloan’s gold sizing and Craqueleur. This blog entry cover’s just the Decoupage part of the project, which we thought we would post now as we have had so many of you ask us to do one, and we think will be a good new addition to our new blog. Decoupage is a fast and quick way of updating furniture. Annie Sloan’s decoupage medium makes it very easy to create gorgeous results . Taylored Revival have in stock a gorgeous range of italian wraps guaranteed to inspire you on your next or first Decoupage project, these will be going online shortly for those who don’t live in Auckland and still want to access them 🙂

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Here is the before photo of a very very tired side table… Love the shape but not much else at this stage.  But everything has potential and hidden beauty….as we like to say.

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We painted the stool in two coats of Old White Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan with a cup of tea in between coats, as we waited for the paint to dry 🙂 super fast drying time, big bonus for impatient people like us, then we clear waxed it.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.27.10 pmDECOUPAGE: Then it was time for the fun stuff. Decoupage by Annie Sloan is designed to be very easy to use and allows the imagination to run wild on what could be possible. We layered a good coat of the decoupage medium over the surface of the table top, keeping it free from lumps and smoothening it out over the surface with the tip of our soft chip brush. Ensuring coverage over every inch of the surface

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APPLICATION: We applied one of our beautiful Italian wraps over the top, pushing from the centre out to release any air bubbles. For those who have the task of “Durasealing” those school books for the kids at the start of the each year,  you will be a pro at this. Ensure that the paper is nice and flush and more importantly, on smoothly.  Love that dragonfly wrap! A customer came in today while we were finishing this off and she read the words from the paper to us and said she recognised the words and knew what they meant… What does it mean we excitedly asked, waiting to hear something poetic and romantic….”Dragonfly…”she replied, Ha! go figure.

TRIM: We cut off the excess paper but left a lip of paper around the shape of the table…. we will get back to this later….blog 1725

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VARNISH: Decoupage works as a glue /varnish. Now we are on the Varnish part. We applied one very thin coat of decoupage onto the surface of the paper using the tip of a nice soft chip brush again, which helps to avoid streaks and lines through the varnish.

Being the impatient bunnies that we are… at this stage we used a hair dryer to dry off the decoupage medium.

blog 1729CREATE YOUR PERFECT LINE: We then folded the excess around the table to create and indent a line and then grabbed a 240 grit sandpaper and lightly sanded the edges and excess paper off creating a nice break and clean line.

blog 1727REVARNISH: We then recoated with Annie Sloan’s Decoupage medium and dried. Repeating this step 5 times to create 5 thin layers of varnish over the top. Very important to apply thin coats each time and to allow the varnish to dry completely between coats. Use the soft tip of your brush to apply the varnish, this will help to avoid streaks and lines

And then as easy as that, we had our newly transformed Decoupaged table top! (See below). as mentioned earlier, with  this project we then went on to use Annie’s Gold Sizing and Craqueleur system which further enhanced this revival.

We hope this post has inspired you to get out and try Annie Sloan’s decoupage medium it’s a great enhancement tool  and when used alongside Chalk Paint™ it allows for endless possibilities. Click here to see the end result of this side table

Or if you did want to have a play with all of these mediums in a workshop environment and gain more in depth knowledge on decoupages, gold sizing or craqueleur, book into Taylored Revivals Enhancement recipes workshop 102- you can find it on the following link: Book in for Paint Class

Annie’s Decoupage medium is available at Taylored Revival’s Furniture Gallery  as well as a gorgeous selection of Italian wraps guaranteed to inspire. To purchase Annie Sloan’s Decoupage click here

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Decoupaged table top using Annie Sloan’s Decoupage medium

Amy 1736Side Table Further Enhanced, using Annie Sloan’s Craqueleur and Gold Sizing