Use your Chair like you would your Vase – (includes a green colour recipe)

Catrina 1696A brightly painted chair can be a great interior design tool and is a great way for you to add a pop of colour into your room without overcommitting.

We have just recently revived this chair in a colour mix of Florence and Antibes Green 1:1, this mix will start to give you an emerald green like colour, we then added a dash of Aubusson and a dash of English Yellow to make this exact colour, for those who want specific’s, sorry we “eyeballed” this part 🙂

When adding decor and accents into your room, a chair is a great addition, it will probably be the “biggest decor” in the room so will have great impact and give you clear purpose when adding the smaller decors items around the room to tie and finish it all off.  We often hear “I love that colour, but I’m not brave enough to use it on my table /sideboard”… with a chair, this is your chance to add that colour you really love but afraid to use.  Use a chair to dress your home like you would a vase, frame or candlestick holders. If you have an existing colour scheme and clear accent colours already in place, choose one of the colours and pull it out onto a chair and it will seem like that chair was designed for your space and had always been there. If you think of a chair as a decor item rather than a piece of furniture, you will begin to see how a painted chair can work in so many spaces. The bathroom, the hall way, that dark corner in the corridor, under the stair case  the space where you can’t seem to find anything to fit. So there you go, if you have a wooden chair in your home now’s the time to be brave and do it in colour.

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For more inspiration here are some great images for using a painted chair as an accent for the room