White and Gold…. do it your way for modern day living.

11802511_665393470226993_5529195633974681905_oWhite and Gold for the home…reminiscent of the neo classical period, and there is a good section in Annie Sloan’s book which goes over this style and period. With access to things like Annie’s gold sizing, leafs and gold waxes we love re-creating our version of the neo classical inspired piece, when the moment allows for it.  There is something really glam, soulful and nostalgic about gold with painted finishes. The white and gold pairing is a classic, and when done for modern day living, can be very elegant and even modern.  There is also the other spectrum where you think white and gold and you think heavy gilded ceilings, hand painted images on the walls, gold doorways and every piece of furniture in the room….gilded. Although these rooms are breath takingly beautiful to look at especially as you think of  the endless amounts hours that would have gone into such work. It ends there. It’s great to look at, visit and appreciate, not something a lot of us ever imagine living in or having in our homes, but, we can take inspiration from this. When introducing white and gold into the room it can be infused with alot of different mediums to balance, tone down and create a beautiful calming modern elegant space.11951563_675459089220431_9101170614648554752_o Gold can be used as the main feature to add character and be the bold accent in an other wise, very contemporary white space. Or it can be the touch of glam to  a more rustic style setting. Used in the right amounts and with the right furnishings the white and gold look is classically beautiful.
11057461_665393786893628_2894160524405019636_oWe recently finished a beautiful white and gold bedroom suite for our client. Her home? modern, contemporary you probably wouldn’t think to put a concept like this in a modern style home would you but it was that exact reason that it worked beautifully, think manhattan chic, modern style home,  light walls, high ceilings, glass, modern, contemporary.. add in bedroom furniture painted in pure white chalkpaint™ by annie sloan (a very contemporary colour) with traditional accents of gold in the furniture.  from there it’s a great basis for our client to work from in terms of furnishing and adding the final touches to a very bespoke look and finish on her furniture created just for her. (for more info on this project click here)  
Below are some great images on different ways to use white and gold. From pairing gold in with a light, bright and white space. Adding gold accents and hardware to an otherwise very modern scandanavian bathroom (just imagine that exact same room with iron black hardware, that very same room has the potential to become very industrial chic) your choice of accents matter.  Thirdly a favourite of ours pairing it with more rustic finishes against a modern backdrop creating a glam french rustic but very befitting for modern day living.