Light hearted FAQ’s from the gallery in Whitford.

Sharing some light hearted FAQ’s we’ve had in the gallery lately

Q. Are you Annie Sloan? Is this your paint? 
A: No we wish we were, but no unfortunately not, Annie Sloan is a well known and well respected decorative painter, who created this paint 25 years ago, although most people dont know that her parents met and married in NZ, her mother is from Fiji and she is Australian born.  “Google her name, and you will find loads of information on Annie Sloan herself ” (we love it when Darrell gets asked if he’s Annie Sloan lol )


Q: Really no sanding or priming, not even just a little? 
A: Really no sanding or priming, minimal preparation.
Q: So no sanding or priming? 
A:we call it instant gratification, straight on and watch the colour change
Q:Really no sanding? I could sand just a little though right?
A: Really, truly no sanding, but  if you really really want to sand just for kicks, sure..but there is no need

Q: How long does it take to dry? 
A: Usually 20 -30 minutes depending on the environment and how thick you apply it. In the summer much faster, if your painting a large piece, usually by the time you finish one end, the other is ready for another coat…we measure drying time by cup of tea time here. It’s usually one cup of tea and a page from a magazine time

1557224_634943369938670_7560742982870470857_oQ: But you can’t paint over varnish right, I have to sand that off first?
A: No reason to sand it; you can paint right over varnished surfaces.
Q: But varnish is so shiny, it won’t adhere to it.. will it? 
A: Look over there (points to the kitchen area in the gallery) we painted our Fisher & Pykel bar fridge, super shiny surface, in fact we have been so busy we haven’t even waxed it, we have scattered our tools on the top of it, we put our kettle on it and we use the top of it to make our cups of teas, spilling and wiping and it’s still in beautiful condition in Antoinette Pink. Our whole business is built around creating decorative finishes on furniture, and 95% of the time they are old varnished pieces, no sanding required.


Q: But it won’t last will it? that’s not really the proper way to do it, is it?
A: Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan has been around for 25 years and there is a long and documented history that supports the high quality finish and durability of this paint. When we looked at various paint options we could have easily created our own and put our name across a new paint, and then sold it within our business. But with us often working on family heirlooms and priceless pieces for clients it’s important that our paint finishes are of the highest quality and can withstand the test of time. To be honest we also didn’t have 25 years to wait while we created and refined a product, so why not use the best paint in the world, it just makes sense. This paint really is like no other; it’s actually inspired by traditional recipes such as casein and gesso.


Q: Can I paint my outdoor furniture with Chalk Paint™?
A: Yes you can, it is a really porous paint so when it rains it will suck the water in and when it’s sunny it will completely expel the water and completely dry, making it a breathable paint, which as a side note is great for old walls in villa’s and bungalows.

Q: Can I paint over metal 
A: Yes, metal, plastic, ceramics, tiles, wooden floors, upholstery, leather… the list goes on, if your unsure about a surface or medium come in and see us and we’ll be happy to help. 11054811_630615800371427_2758732836741776022_o

Q: Do you run paint workshops here and will I be able to do my furniture after I do one. 
A: Absolutely, previous workshop attendees have gone on to complete many great projects. The 101 workshop will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to start projects around the home with many different finishes, we also provide a post workshop network where you can still keep in touch and see what our customers and people after the workshop have created. A great hub for our customers and great way to keep each other inspired.

Q: Do I have to do one of your workshops to use it? 
A: No you don’t,  Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan is designed to be easy to use, our workshop will give you an in depth knowledge on how to create various finishes and further extend your knowledge around Chalk Paint™and what it’s capable of. If you have a specific projects in mind there is no reason why you cant get straight into it. Come and see us and we will be more than happy to talk you through it. All of us are Chalk Paint™ colour experts, we use it everyday on various projects so will be able to help you with both colour inspirations practical advice and in depth knowledge on how to create the finish you are looking to achieve.

Q: I’ll have to wait until summer to get outside to start painting
A: No you don’t, Chalk Paint™ has no odour, no lead, no toxins and is very low in VOC’s it is safe enough to paint a baby’s crib in. The, no sanding, prepping or priming means very little mess, so you no longer have to paint in the cold garage or outside. I use to put the kids to bed then lay out a plastic sheet over my dining table then paint and finish a chair in a couple of hours.