Tamsyn: Our latest colour mix and piece in the gallery

11884651_672613736171633_2713273428072787355_oIt’s been a busy week this week, as we work to finish and start a line of commissioned projects, in our one day of “downtime” in the gallery today, it was all hands on deck to start Tamsyn.  A little team challenge for ourselves to finish this piece in one day whilst working in the gallery with customers coming in and out. We love working on pieces in front of customers, often when we talk to someone about chalk paint™ for the first time, it sounds a little too good to be true…even we admit that to ourselves. You can see the scepticism in the eyes. We think one of the best ways to find out how amazing and easy it is, is for our customer to see us using it in front of them, this is something I know our regular customers love seeing in the gallery, almost every time they come in we will be working on something different and it strikes up  a different conv11902394_672613789504961_591075669467013449_nersation. Ok so back to the colour mix,  starting to get off track here… I know most of you will think that to darken a colour you should use black, wrong, not with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™. Often you need to use the complementing colour on her colour wheel, mixing colours is very therapeutic and my advice is to mix a small amount in your work book / sketch pad first, experiment ie) one part this, two parts that… mix together (fingers recommended, super therapeutic)  create the colour you want then mix it to a larger scale in a jar for your projects, make sure you measure out and record your paint recipes, as the last thing you want is to run out of paint, not remember how to recreate it and end up with half of your piece is in a slightly different shade:-) For Tamsyn we used Napoleonic Blue mixed it with11887739_672613696171637_7790897345875816648_o Barcelona Orange to darken it.. using a 3pt Napoleonic Blue 1pt Barcelona ratio.  Barcelona Orange? “oh really!” I can hear you all saying… yes, Annie’s colours do not mix like your regular artist paints… but I can assure you that mixing her colours together will give you endless possibilities when it comes to colours, shades, tones, tints and hues. All the colours come out crisp, gorgeous and yummy. The more you mix and experime11914733_672613766171630_3492599501795498803_ont the more you will understand her colour wheel and get a better idea of how to create colours using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ (or if you need help just go see TR and have a play at the paint bar). As for the challenge,  did we finish Tamsyn in a day…? no. We finished her externals in a day that’s whilst running the shop and another “half-ish” day for her internals, but oh so worth it when you open the cupboards or pull the drawers and have that little pop of contrasting colour come out.  Her externals have been detailed with a blended wax and then  full dark waxed on any bevels or carvings. A beautiful colour mix, creating a dark rich royal blue. A great way to add a dark colour to anchor a room without using black.

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