Chalk Paint™ Colours and it’s endless possibilities

Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan comprises of 32 gorgeous colours that we have all grown to love and become addicted too. They are a well thought out, and beautifully created palette of historically inspired colours that have been cleverly created for both interior and exterior design. This month at TR we are encouraging our customers and clients to explore these colours further. For those that aren’t aware; all of Annie Sloan’s colours can be mixed together to create endless possibilities when it comes to custom colours. You can tone and shade & tint a colour specific to your requirements, whether that be to tone in with a cushion or match the curtains. From the 32 colours, you have the ability to create  another whole set of brand spanking new colours, well actually…. truth be told you can create  endless amounts of colours, amazing right,  we know.  Below is a gorgeous colour we have mixed to show you just what can be created, the gorgeous colour below is inspired by an image in Annie’s Room recipe book which show’s a neo classical period and style. We created this colour using 2 pt Burgandy, 1pt Napoleonic, 1/2 pt of Florence and walah, stunning neoclassical inspired colour, the edge of the pot has been gilded using Annie’s sizing which is to be included in our Workshop 102 (being released shortly, watch this space) … Terracotta pots ( which is what this is, has never looked so good :-).

Tr_Gilded_terrocota_pot_1444_grande (1)

To encourage you all to experiment and create, we will be posting a new mixed colour every monday on our Facebook page, so make sure you like the page if you haven’t already. We are also in the midst of creating a wall of wooden teaspoons where each handle holds the recipe for a mixed colour, we thought it was very appropriate! ( see image below)


and of course if you can’t seem to figure out how to create a colour, come in and experiment with us in person, at our Paint Bar which is all set up in the gallery (look for the messy part of the shop) where you can mix your custom colour and read through all of our materials for ideas and inspiration…Life is so much better with colour, why restrict yourself to what’s available when you can now create your own gorgeous colours, specific to you… so easily…as simple as mixing up a cake recipe… actually far simpler that, measure out and mix..cant really get much easier than that.