TR Art collection in gallery

What is great art? You often hear that art is subjective and that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well we believe that if seeing a piece of art makes you stop, analyse, ponder and draws an emotion from you then it has achieved its purpose. We are very proud and excited to start Taylored Revivals very own collection of abstract artworks. We have many ideas for our Artworks and we are certainly spurred on by being involved with so much creative inspiration around us and in the materials that we use; we look forward to adding to our “TR Art collection” over the coming months and displaying them in our Gallery.

It’s amazing how some artwork can change and transform a room. It can be cleverly used to add real character and personality to a home; for instance it can provide warmth and depth to a room or even open up or close a room. Often it can be the finishing touch in the home interior or a starting point where inspiration for a room is drawn from.  All of our artwork has been purposely and individually created using Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan including using waxes and other finishing products. Chalk Paint™ really is “more than paint” and it’s such a universal product that it can provide real character through paint on everything from kitchen makeovers through to fine art; each canvas will be beautifully and authentically hand painted and signed by us.

We will be working on more pieces and as always we enjoy filling the gallery up with unique and inspired pieces; so here is the first two of what we will hope to be many more coming soon.

All of this artwork can of course be viewed in person at our Gallery at 730 Whitford Road along with our antiques and amazing range of Chalk Paint™.

Dusky Bay